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We believe that when you strategically support the entire lifelong career path of an individual rather than just one season, you create powerful winners.

LCS Strategies & Alliance, LLC brings together a strategic epicenter of experts in K-12 and higher education, athletic player development (college & professional), community affairs, and event production/brand marketing who provide quality research, service activation, program recommendations, and analysis in these areas nationally.

Our History

LCS Strategies & Alliance traces its beginnings to 2002, when a group of educators, counselors, college athletes, event & marketing experts founded CSE Marketing Group (CSE), one of the first organizations to produce and manage events for congressional members, colleges & universities, national & international brands, and celebrities.  LCS Strategies & Alliance originated in a collegiate environment with sports leaders, college professors and hall of fame leadership that contribute to pioneer success and progressive growth.  The extension of LCS Strategies & Alliance broaden into research, scholarship, and athletic player development collectively.  With LCS Strategies & Alliance syndicate, we accelerate on-going delivery combined with energy, effort and enthusiasm that result into winnable desired outcomes.

The Why?

LCS Strategies & Alliance believes that when you strategically support the entire lifelong career path of an individual rather than just one season, you create powerful winners. In order to do that you need the A team that is not segmented into their own areas of expertise, but who collectively work together understanding one piece moves when the other piece moves. That is why LCS Strategies & Alliance Group is made up of a group of educators, counselors, college athletes, events and marketing experts.

The Consortium

The leadership consortium of LCS Strategies & Alliance is governed by loyal enthusiasts, independent scholars & researchers, event producers, marketing and branding evangelists, athletic coaches and hall-of-famers, and community activators.

Inclusion, Diversity and Equity

We honor, promote and recognize staff and clients from multiple backgrounds and experiences as an asset for creating quality research and program delivery.

Current & Past Clients

Bacardi Brands
British Petroleum (BP) Company
Cadillac GM
Congressional Black Caucus
Congresswoman Donna F. Edwards
Congresswoman Laura Richardson
Congresswoman Marcia L Fudge
Congresswoman Yvette D. Clarke
Delaware State University Athletics
Democratic National Committee
Exxon Mobil Oil Company
Fortune Brands, Inc.
Harvard University
Howard University Athletics
Kennedy School of Government
Maryland Live Casino
Mini Cooper
National Association of African American Honors Programs
The Greater Washington Sports Alliance
The National Urban League
Under Armour
United Negro College Fund
Uptown Magazine
VIBE Magazine
Washington Redskins
Wells Fargo

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