Athletic Player Development

We have 30 years+ experience of coaching, advising, college transition, careers plans, and more.

With almost 30 plus years of experience, the athletic player development division of LCS Strategies & Alliance is lead with superb experience in athletic counseling and advising, coaching, transition plans for college and professional athletes, holistic development for athletes and pre and post career planning.

College and Professional Athletes

  • Balancing Academic Success & Athletic Competition
  • Career Development & Leadership for Student-Athletes
  • Community Service Engagement with Student-Athletes and Youth
  • Student-Athlete Prevention Playbook
  • Coachability, Confidence, and Competitiveness
  • Transitioning from high school athlete to college athlete
  • Student-Athlete Time Management
  • Skill Development, Motivation, and Career Maturity
  • Professional Goal Setting and Value Clarification
  • Research and Data Analytics
  • Performance Analysis & Video Assessment
  • Domestic Violence Training & Support

Academic Engagement Program for Student Athletes

  • Identify pathways for player achievement
  • Create a culture of academic responsibility
  • Facilitate accountability and ownership amongst student athletes
  • Provide manipulatives to document daily progress
  • Develop academic connections between universities and student athletes
  • Teach student athletes how to be academic leaders
  • Make connections between academic and athletic success
  • Help students to become better citizens at their respective universities
  • Conduct staff workshops on player investment
  • Introduce the case worker model as method of enhancing student success

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